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Digital pH Controllers/Indicators

pH Controller

Category: pH/ORP controller

Applications: AI-pH 6.0 industrial pH meter is an online pH analyzer which applied in chemical industry metallurgy, environment protection, food, agriculture and so on. With 4-20mA analog signal, RS-485 digital signal and relay output. Can be used for industrial processes and water treatment processes pH control, and support remote data transmission, etc.

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  Product  pH meter, pH controller
  Measure range  pH: 0-14 pH, ±0.02
 ORP: -1000 ~1000mV, ±1mV
  Resolution  0.01pH; 1mV
  Stability  pH:≤0.02pH/24h; ORP: ≤3mV/24h
  Measuring medium  Liquid
  Input Resistance  ≥10~12Ω
  Temp compensation  Manual/ Auto temperature compensation
  Temperature Range  0~100℃, NTC10K or PT1000
  Communication  RS-485, Modbus-RTU
  Signal output  4-20mA, maximum loop 750Ω, 0.01%FS
  Power supply  AC220V±10%, 50Hz
  Relay output  250V, 3A



Online pH meter is a multivariable analyzer used for measuring/controlling the pH and ORP with different temperature. The function is switchable on the device itself. Depending on the measured variable, combination electrodes (e. g. pH sensors) or split versions (glass electrodes with a separate reference electrode) can be readily connected.

Features : 

• Easy operation

• Automatically Temperature Compensation

• Directly switchable to pH or ORP

• Large LCD display with background lighting

• pH or ORP sensors can be connected thanks to the sensor supply integrated in the output

• Using the setup program: user-friendly programming

• 4-20mA analog output

• RS-485 communication

• Relay output

Choose pH electrode:

Offers a full range of pH electrodes for measuring different media. Such as sewage, pure water, drinking water etc.


Designation pH and ORP range Temperature range
Industrial sewage electrode 0-14pH 0-60℃
Glass pH electrode 0-14pH 0-90℃
High Temperature Glass pH probe 0-14pH 0-130℃
Germany pH electrode 0-14pH -5-80℃
PTFE pH electrode 0-14pH 0-90℃
Desulfurization pH electrode 0-14pH 0-60℃
Industrial ORP electrode ±2000mV 0-60℃
Glass ORP electrode ±2000mV 0-90℃

Instrument Selection : 

  Product  pH meter controller
  Measure range  pH: 0-14 pH, ±0.02
 ORP: -1000 ~1000mV, ±1mV
  Resolution  0.01pH; 1mV
  Stability  pH: ≤0.02pH/24h; ORP: ≤3mV/24h
  Measuring medium  Liquid
  Input Resistance  ≥10~12Ω
  Temp compensation  Manual/ Auto temperature compensation
  Temperature Range  0~100℃, NTC10K or PT1000
  Communication  RS-485, Modbus-RTU
  Signal output  4-20mA, maximum loop 750Ω, 0.01%FS
  Power supply  AC 220V±10%, 50Hz
  Relay output  250V, 3A

Wiring Method : 

Industry online pH controller instrument wiring


Product Installation : 

Industry online pH meter controller

Install a 92.5 * 92.5 mounting hole on the instrument cabinet or mounting panel

The instrument into the mounting hole and then buckle on the butterfly, as shown below


Installation of pH electrode :

Schematic diagram of common installation method

①Side wall installation ②Flange mounted at the top ③Pipe installation ④Top installation ⑤Submersible installation ⑥Flow-through installation
The interface must be in 15°oblique angle, or it will affect the normal test and use of the electrode. We won’t be responsible for any results due to this.

– Sewage Treatment
– Food Processing
– Acid Alkali waste Tower
– Aquaculture

Online pH Indicator – Flameproof Version

We are offering for our valued clients quality approved Digital pH Controllers that are manufactured in accordance with the set industry standards. It is the most accurate and flexible pH acquisition system; our professionals use the latest technology and optimum quality raw-material & components for manufacturing these products. In order to meet exact needs of our clients, these products can be customized in various technical specifications. To ensure the best quality, the provided Digital pH Controllers are stringently tested by our skilled quality experts against different quality parameters.


– Input Type: pH Electrode
– Measuring Range: 0 to 14 pH
– Resolution : 0.01
– Accuracy : ±1% FSD
– Calibration : Span through keypad
– IN-BUILT DIAGNOSTICS for wrong calibration or sensor error
– Certified Housings by CIMFR available for Gas Groups I, IIA & IIB
– In-built Lead Resistance compensation
– Protection class: IP-55, IP-65, flameproof
– Test and Calibration declarations traceable to NABL/NIST principles
– Non-volatile Flash memory for programming parameters
– Display: 4 digits, Red LED, 7 Segment
– Outputs: Relay, 4-20mA(optional), RS 485(optional)