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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Category: Electromagetic flowmeter

Applications: Magnetic flowmeters operate under the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction to measure liquid velocity. Following Faraday’s Law, magnetic flowmeters measure the velocity of conductive liquids in pipes, such as water, acids, caustic, and slurries. In order of usage, magnetic flowmeter use in water/wastewater industry, chemical, food and beverage, power, pulp and paper, metals and mining, and pharmaceutical application.

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Specification : 

 Product  Electromagnetic flowmeter
 Diameter Nominal  DN10~DN1000
 Nominal Pressure  0.6~4.0MPa
 Accuracy  ±0.5%,±2mm/s(flowrate<1m/s)
 Liner material  PFA,F46,Neoprene,PTFE,FEP
 Electrode material  Stainless steel SUS316, Hastelloy C, Titanium,
 Tantalum Platinum-iridium
 Medium Temperature  Integral type: -10℃~120℃
 Split type: -25℃~120℃
 Ambient Temperature  -10℃~60℃
 Electrical conductivity  Water 20μS/cm other medium 5μS/cm
 Structure type  Tegral type, split type
 Protection Class  IP65, IP68(optional)
 Product Standard  JB/T 9248-1999 Electormagnetic Flowmeter

Introduction : 

Electromagnetic flowmeter is applicable for all conductive liquids. Typical applications are monitoring accurate measurements in liquid, metering and custody transfer. Can display both instantaneous and cumulative flow, and supports analog output, communication output and relay control functions.

Application : 

Electromagnetic flowmeters have been used throughout industries for more than 60 years. These meters are applicable for all conductive liquids, such as:
Domestic water, industrial water, raw water, ground water, urban sewage, industrial wastewater, the processed neutral pulp, pulp slurry, etc

– Chemical Water
– Acid Liquid / Alkaline Liquid
– Mud Pulp
– Waste Water

Description : 

– Multiple Readings
– Intelligent Display

Production Process : 

Instrument Selection : 

flowmeter following Faraday’s Law, magnetic flowmeter can be adapted for sanitary uses. They have large line sizes available. No pressure drop induced. Dirty liquids and even slurries OK. On the other hand, magnetic flowmete cann’t work on nonconductive fluids or the fluids conductive range less than 5μS/cm, such as oils deionized water and boiler feed water. Steam or gas flows don’t register.

Selet lining : 

How to choose the lining materials


Selet Electrode

Selet pipe diameter

Wiring Method : 
When flowmeters are placed too close to pumps, valves, elbows and other obstructions, unstable or irregular flow can impact performance. Before selecting a meter, check the specific pipe run requirements from the meter to a stable flow profile.
Straight pipe length requirements
Recommended mounting position
The connection which is easy to clean pipe.

Product wiring :