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Applications: It is with outstanding specifications features like high performance and powerful extented functions. With high visibility Color LCD display, it is easy to read data from the meter. Universal input, high speed of sampling speed and arruracy make it reliable for industry or reaserach applicaiton

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Specification : 

 Product Paperless recorder
 Display 3.5 inch TFT true color LCD screen
 Shape dimension Shape dimension:96mm×96mm×96mm
Opening Size:92mm×92mm
 Thickness of mounted panel 1.5mm~6.0mm
 Weight 0.37kg
 Power supplu (176~264)VAC,47~63Hz
 Internal storage 48M bytes Flash
 External storage U disk support (standard USB2.0 communication interface)
 The maximum power consumption 20VA
 Relative humidity (10~85)%RH(No condensation)
 Operating temperature (0~50)℃
 Transport and storage conditions Temperature (-20~60)℃,Relative humidity (5~95)%RH(No condensation)
Altitude:<2000m,Except for special specifications


Introduction : 

It is the latest multi-function recorder. Supports up to 18 channels of analog signal input and has alarm communication functions. It is suitable for use in equipment and unit projects. SUP-R9600 supports function development.


Advantages : 

Basic Functions

• Up to 18 channels of universal input

• UP to 4 Alarm Output Relays

• With 150mA Power distribution Output

• Communication type: RS485, Modbus RTU

• With a USB data transfer interface

Display & Operation

• Multiple display Function :choose the display your way

• Use date and time calendar search functions

to Review historical data .
• 3.5 inch TFT color LCD (320 x 240pixels)

Reliability and Security

• Dust- and splash-proof front panel

• Power Fail Safeguard:All the data stored in Flash memory,

make sure that all the historical data and configuration parameters

will not lost when power fail. Real time clock power supply by lithium batteries.


Detail parameter : 

Description : 

Instrument Selection : 
Wiring Method : 

Operation environment will not only affect the normal use of the instrument, and also related to the maintenance and calibration work. Operation environment should obverse the following requirements:

– Indoor installation

– Ambient temperature range:(0~50)℃

– Ambient humidity: 10% to 85% (non condensing)

– Ventilation requirements: well ventilated, avoid instrument internal temperature is too high

– Vibration interference: Less mechanical vibration

– Air composition: not easily produce condensate, non-corrosive gas or flammable gases

– Induction interference: no strong inductive interference, not easy to generate static electricity, magnetic field, or noise

– Installation lactation: please keep Horizontal, not til

– Allowable Panel Thickness: 1.5 to 6.0mm

Datalogger Software

Owing to our experience, we have been successful in creating to the requirements of our respected customers by delivering a superior next generation Data Acquisition control system. It is an integrated system comprised of hardware and software components that are configured to monitor and regulate complex industrial data and processes.

Arka Instruments Incorporation Data Logger is designed with proven technology to help you reduce maintenance, reliable and deliver accurate data.


– Real time data monitoring, recording and graph plotting
– Stores the continuous data into local PC automatically with user-defined time scale
– Accuracy: 0.1%of Full Scale or ± 1 Count
– Custom built GUI software to convert the stored data into a standard graph with user-defined date & time
– Standard database storage with multiple printing options in the year, month, day and hour format
– Display resolution – Programmable
– Auto communication error pop-up