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Digital pH Controllers/Indicators

pH Controller

Category: pH/ORP controller

Applications: Our industrial pH meter is an online pH analyzer which applied in chemical industry metallurgy, environment protection, food, agriculture and so on. With 4-20mA analog signal, RS-485 digital signal and relay output. Can be used for industrial processes and water treatment processes pH control, and support remote data transmission, etc.

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Instrument Selection : 

  Product  pH meter controller
  Measure range  pH: 0-14 pH, ±0.02
 ORP: -1000 ~1000mV, ±1mV
  Resolution  0.01pH; 1mV
  Stability  pH: ≤0.02pH/24h; ORP: ≤3mV/24h
  Measuring medium  Liquid
  Input Resistance  ≥10~12Ω
  Temp compensation  Manual/ Auto temperature compensation
  Temperature Range  0~100℃, NTC10K or PT1000
  Communication  RS-485, Modbus-RTU
  Signal output  4-20mA, maximum loop 750Ω, 0.01%FS
  Power supply  AC 220V±10%, 50Hz
  Relay output  250V, 3A

Wiring Method : 

Industry online pH controller instrument wiring


Product Installation : 

Industry online pH meter controller

Install a 92.5 * 92.5 mounting hole on the instrument cabinet or mounting panel

The instrument into the mounting hole and then buckle on the butterfly, as shown below


Installation of pH electrode :

Schematic diagram of common installation method

①Side wall installation ②Flange mounted at the top ③Pipe installation ④Top installation ⑤Submersible installation ⑥Flow-through installation
The interface must be in 15°oblique angle, or it will affect the normal test and use of the electrode. We won’t be responsible for any results due to this.

– Sewage Treatment
– Food Processing
– Acid Alkali waste Tower
– Aquaculture


– Input Type: pH Electrode
– Measuring Range: 0 to 14 pH
– Resolution : 0.01
– Accuracy : ±1% FSD
– Calibration : Span through keypad
– IN-BUILT DIAGNOSTICS for wrong calibration or sensor error
– Certified Housings by CIMFR available for Gas Groups I, IIA & IIB
– In-built Lead Resistance compensation
– Protection class: IP-55, IP-65, flameproof
– Test and Calibration declarations traceable to NABL/NIST principles
– Non-volatile Flash memory for programming parameters
– Display: 4 digits, Red LED, 7 Segment
– Outputs: Relay, 4-20mA(optional), RS 485(optional)