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Multi Parameter Analyzer

The Water Quality Analyzer are to be fixed in a location from where water will be distributed to the selected area with maintenance free installation. Our device AI-1000 shall propose the end-end solution for water quality analysis and displays the quality of the distributed water on the instrument panel along with Geo-Coordinate information. The sensors,connectivity,interfacing software,etc. are to be proposed under this component.Our device AI-1000 shall select the probes to sense minimum of the following parameters.

. pH, TDS, Turbidity, Residual Chlorine, COD & BOD,Water Level and Flow Meter.

– Online Testing
– Fully Automated
– Highly Accurate and Reliable
– Fully Digital
– Vibration & Shock Proof Design
– Access Data from Anywhere
– Maintance Free
– Instant Analysis
– Eliminates the need for manual data-entry.Data captured by Online Water Quality Analyzer Application.
– Automatic Transmission of data over internet. The data can be viewed on a live dashboards.
– Useful in emergency situations where drinking water resources are contaminated and immediate results are required.

– 7 inch touch screen LCD Display
– Operating Temperature range – 45.0° C and 70.0° C
– Display functions – channel data, alarms and system status
– Real Time Clock resolution 200 ps accuracy 1 min/year
– Power supply – 24 DC/220 AC and facility to connect additional power source to system