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Digital Flameproof of Synchronized Clocks


  • Available in Zibgee Wireless Communication
  •  The Flameproof Master & Slave Synchronized Clock Systems work on Zigbee(Wireless) Communication. Flameproof Digital Synchronized Clocks are housed in Aluminium LM- 6 Body Certified by CIMFR, for use in Gas Group Areas I, II, II A & II B.

Communication :

Zibgee Wireless Communication.

Time Display:

HH: MM: Secs, 24 Hours Time Format/ HH:MM 24 Hours Time Format/

GPS Receiver Specifications:

Antenna Type: Active Cold Start: 45 Seconds(Avg)

Antenna Wire Length: 3/5mtrs. Warm Start: 45 Second(Avg)

Protocol: NMEA Standard Hot Start: 2 Seconds

Ethernet Clock Specifications:

Ethernet TCP/IP Protocol communication in Master clock with Customized Time Synchronization Software for Time Setting & IP Configuration in Master Clock

Accuracy Slave Standalone:

+/- 60 Seconds per year in case of no communication

Accuracy(GPS Option):

+/-1 Second , Direct Satellite Time

Display Size:

2.5” or 4.0” High 7 Segment Super Bright Red LED Display.

Input Supply:

230 V.A.C., Single Phase, 50 Hz/Optional 24 VDC, 1 Amps