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Industrial pH ELECTRODE

We Offer a wide range of Industrial pH electrodes to meet your appicatlon needs. The dfferenliol sensors use an inovofive. unique electrode technology which results in greater accuracy.less drift, and les frequent colbrafion.

For temperotU’e compensation We also hove the model in which the temperature sensor is added to the pHelectrode. By housing the temperature sensor in the some body as the reference elements of the electrode, temperature compensated readings can easily be made with a single pH probe.


– Wth PTEF Casing for Sensor Protection with reqlAred threading to fit
– Wth RTD Pt-100 element embedded for temperature compensation
– Electrode Material – Gloss bulb wi1h epoxy body
– Process Connection – 3/4″/l/2″BSPM
– Coble – 1 Core Shielded 5 meter
– Max Temperature upto 150 degrees
Max Temperature upto 150 degrees

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