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Level Transmitter

Our level transmitter is for liquid level indication and alarm transmitter.
It consists of array of magnetic reed switches, the individual detecting switches in the guide pipe have been exchanged against a chain of resistors with reed switches.
Applied for all kinds of liquid For a hazard area, to be used as an intrinsically safe system connecting with I.S barrier.
Our level transmitter has a micro chip inside and indicates the level by setting the automatic Feed/Drain and High/Low level alarm systems for each kind of tank into digital.

1. Internal Installation
Transmitter is top mounted on the tank. A stillwell with
perforation is recommended for liquids under turbulence.
For fitment of stillwell, ensure that NB of tank nozzle is
greater than the diameter of stillwell.
2. External Installation
Transmitter is top mounted on a chamber, external to the
tank. This installation is adopted on the tank, containing
mechanical devices like stirrers, ladders & other internals
or to overcome space limitation in the tank

Overall Length: 300 mm to 5000 mm
Measuring Error: +/- 0.25 % of Span
Output Temperature Co-efficient: +/- 0.007% / °C
Resolution: 5 mm/ 10 mm
Ambient Temperature: -40 °C to 60 °C
Liquid Temp. Range: -40 °C to 120 °C
Liquid Min. Denisty: 0.8 gm/cc
Max. Pressure: 10 Kg/cm²
Protection Category: Weather Proof IP66 to IS:2147 (or) Flame Proof Gr.IIA & IIB to IS:2148
Terminals: Max. 1.5mm² Flexible
Cable Entry: PG11 for Weather Proof 3/4″ ET for Flame Proof (Glands not Supplied)
Current Output: 1) 2 Wire, 4-20mA 2) 3 Wire, 0 – 10V DC
Process Connection: 1) Threaded 2) Flanged 3) Tri Clamp 4) Others
Excitation Voltage: 10 – 36V DC
Loop Resistance: Max. 1200 Ohms

Consider our transmitters for all your continuous liquid
level monitoring needs like Water, diesel, lube oils and
fuels, chemical
and petrochemical
Here are just few areas where transmitters can be used.
– Utilities
– Beverage Industry
– Medical
– Pharmaceuticals
– Food Processing
– Breweries, etc.