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The product can be used in continuous monitoring of particulate matter emission. It can not only match with CEMS, but also be used separately or together with multiple dust monitors to form a set of dust monitoring network, sharing the same front end. The product can be widely applied in the following occasions.

❖ Power plants

❖ Steel works

❖ Cement plants

❖ Process control of dust-removal apparatus and other particle engineering

  • Adopt laser backscattering principle, which can prevent the laser beam from swinging  caused by uneven refractive index out of stack mechanical vibration and uneven gas temperature.
  • Singe-end installation without optical path alignment.
  • The modulation of laser beam enable the system to significantly improve anti-interference ability.
  • Low device power consumption, around 3W.

Basic Parameters :

Detection principle Laser backscattering method
Concentration range (0 ~500) mg/m3 (normal), (0-10)g/m3 (customizable)
Measurable stack size 0.5m~15m
Sensitivity 1mg/m3
Indication error ≤±20%
Indication repeatability 10%
Human-machine interaction IR remote control + LCD display screen
Laser 650nm, 7mW
Dimension 158mm×158mm×273mm (H*L*W)
Weight 3kg
Power <3W

Input  /  Output:

Signal  /  output 1 *(4-20) mA, maximum load of 500Ω
Communication Interface RS485 (optional)

Measurement Condition:

Ambient Temperature Temperature:-20°C~45°C
Ambient humidity Relative humidity: 0-100% R.H. (non-condensing)
Power Supply DC 24V±10%