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Differential Pressure Transmitter


Differential Pressure transmitter Using high-performance single crystal silicon differential pressure technology accurately measures differential pressure, liquid level or flow rate. and transmits a proportional 4-20 mA output signal. 1kPa to 3MPa full detection range. High-performance static pressure test design, static pressure error ± 0.05% / 10MPa.


  • High-performance, high-precision. Using high-performance single crystal silicon differential pressure technology, plati- num-level acc
  • High-brightness liquid crystal display. Measured values clearly show that data observation more convenient
  • Wide range detection. 1kPa to 3MPa full detection range
  • High-performance static pressure test design. High-perfor- mance static pressure test, static pressure error ± 0.05% / 10MPa



Differential Pressure transmitter

Measure range

0 ~1kpa to 0 ~3MPa
Indication resolution 0.075%
Ambient temperature -10~85 C

Output signal

4-20ma analog output / with HART  communication
Shell protection IP67
Diaphragm material Stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy C, support other custom
Product shell Aluminum alloy, the appearance of epoxy coating
Weight 3.3Kg

Strength Certification

Differential Pressure Transmitter is used for level, density, pressure and flow mesurement of liquid, gas and steam. Then it will outputs 4mA~20mA DC HART signal