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Radar Level Indicators

Category: Radar Level Meter

Applications: Radar level meter with top-down installation of a Micropilot sensor offers perfect application fit in all industries. Non-contact radar with simple commissioning, trouble-free operation saves time and money. For usage in a wide range of applications – be it in simple storage tanks, in corrosive or aggressive media or high accuracy tank gauging applications.

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This series of radar level indicators adopted 26G High Frequency radar sensor, the maximum measurement range can reach up to 30 meters. Antenna is optimized further processing, the new fast microprocessors have higher speed and efficiency can be done signal analysis, the instrument can be used for reactor, solid silo and very complex measurement environment.

Radar level transmitter antenna microwave pulse is narrow, the downward
transmission antenna. Microwave exposure to the medium surface is reflected
back again by the antenna system receives, sends the signal to the electronic
circuit automatically converted into level signals (because the microwave
propagation speed, electromagnetic wave to reach the target and the
reflected back to the receiver this time is almost instantaneous).

Measure Range 0 – 30 meters
Process Connection Thread, Flange
Medium Temperature -40 ~ 250°C
Process Pressure -0.1 ~ 4.0MPa (Flat flange) -0.1 ~ 0.1MPa (Universal flange)
Accuracy +/- 10mm
Protection Grade IP67
Frequency Range 26GHz
Signal Output 4-20mA/ HART (Two-wire/ Four-wire)
RS-485/ Modbus
Power Supply DC (6 ~ 24V)/ Four-wire
DC 24V/ Two-wire