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Tanker Earth Monitoring System


The Loading and Unloading of tank trucks, containers, mixers etc., containing flammable or combustible products has long been reconginzed as one of the most serious fire and explosion risks for hazardous industry operations. The primary guidelines are detailed in three primary standards: NFPA 77, API RP 2003 and CLCTR: 50404. An understanding of these standards and of current technology in static discharge prevention can contribute greatly to preventing tank truck load transfer incidents. The standards advise that a grounding system, which can measure and monitor resistance in the grounding circuit, can be utilized. The system should verify if the ground connection to the tank truck is complete before loading or unloading is initiated.


Inputs   1.True Earth Point at Loading area

2.Probe from Body of Earthed Tanker

Resistance Bandwidth   Range 10 Ohms
Protection   Intrinsically Safe
Output   Control Relay
Contacts   Two Relay Change over NO Contacts            (Potential Free)
Contact Action    Relay Contacts to Change over when             Equipment body  is at same potential as       identified

TRUE EARTH (Properly Earthed)

Indication   GREEN LED = Healthy Earth, RED LED    = Unhealthy      Earth
Relay Operation   GREEN LED = Healthy Earth, RED LED    = Unhealthy      Earth
Power Supply   230V AC Input
Circuit Protection   Fuses (Internal Protection of the Circuit)
Certification   CIMFR / PESO – FLP & Intrinsic Safe          Circuit
Equipment Marking   Ex D, Zone 1,2 IIA IIB IP66
Ingress Protection   IP 66

– SS304 Clamp & 1 nos. of PU Anti-Static Spiral

Cable for the Safe Connection to the Equipment Body

– PCB Mounted in Hazardous area Certified FLP Enclosure.