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Ultrasonic Level Indicators

Ultrasonic level meter is microprocessor controlled digital level meter. Ultrasonic pulses generated by the sensor (transducer) emitted in the measurement, the surface acoustic wave after reflection by the liquid receiving same sensor or an ultrasonic receiver, by a piezoelectric crystal or a magnetostrictive device into an electrical signal by transmitting and receiving sound waves to calculate the time between the sensor surface to the distance measured liquid. As a result of non-contact measurement, measured media is almost unlimited, can be used to measure the height of a variety of liquid and solid materials.

  • Quick and simple commissioning via menu-guided on-site operation
  • Envelope curves on the on-site display for simple diagnosis
  • Installation possible from thread G2 upwards
  • Non-contact measurement method minimizes service requirements.
  • Linearization function for conversion of the measured value into any unit of length
  • Integrated temperature sensor for automatic correction of the temperature dependent sound velocity
 Product Ultrasonic level meter
 Measure range 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m
 Blind zone <0.3 – 2.5m(different for range)
Accuracy 0.5%
 Display LCD
 Frequency 20~350 kHz
 Output (optional) Four-wire 4~20mA/510Ωload
Two-wire 4~20mA/250Ω load
2 relays (AC 250V/ 8A or DC 30V/ 5A  )
Temperature LCD: -20~+60℃; Probe: -20~+80℃
 Power supply  24VDC (Optional: 220V AC+15%  50Hz)
 Power consumption <1.5W
 Protection degree IP65