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Vortex Flow Meter with Temperature & Pressure Compensation


Vortex flowmeter work on the principle of generated vortex and relation between vortex and flow by theory of Karman and Strouhal to measure the flow. With temperature and pressure compensation, it is suitable for the detection of gas flows in different environments, such as steam and compressed air and other gas.


  • Small pressure loss, wide range, high accuracy
  • It is hardly affected by fluid density, pressure, temperature and viscosity when measuring volume flow under working status
  • No moving mechanical parts, thus high reliability and low maintenance. Instrument parameters can be stable for long term
  • Vortex flowmeter can be used in a temperature range of -40°C~+400C
  • It has both analog standard signals and digital pulse signal output to match with computers and other digital systems



 Product  Vortex flowmeter
 Wafer connection  DN10-DN500(priority PN2.5MPa)
 Flange connection DN10-DN80(priority PN2.5MPa)

DN100-DN200(priority PN1.6MPa)

DN250-DN500(priority PN1.6MPa)

 Accuracy  1.0%  1.5%  2.0%
 Range Ratio  1:8~1:30
 Medium Temperature  -40℃~+260℃,-40℃~+300℃
 Power Supply  24VDC±5%, Li battery(3.6VDC)
 Output signal  4-20mA or frequency
 Interface  RS485,HART
 Body Materials  Stainless stell
 Ingress protection  IP65(IP67, IP68 need to customize)